Kazuri Beads USA

Special Program

Kazuri is offering unique programs for non-profit organizations to utilize Kazuri beads to raise funds. The beauty of the hand crafted beads, the story of Kazuri and the popularity of the beads make this a profitable and rewarding opportunity for any organization.

While using Kazuri in your non-profit fundraiser, you are helping to empower disadvantaged women in the Nairobi area. Your fundraising organization will contribute to Kazuri by helping women keep sustainable employment and support this meaningful project.

Kazuri is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Every employee of Kazuri is paid three and a half times the national wage, and is able to feed up to 12-15 extended family members. Kazuri provides free medical care, classes to educate employees on personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and many more benefits. For more information, read the story of Kazuri on this site.

The fundraiser for your organization can generate additional pride by knowing your organization is raising funds for your worthy cause, while also supporting the Kazuri project. It's simply a win- win approach to promote your cause. This is truly making a difference in a full circle endeavor.

Please contact us and tell us about your organization and we can explore a program that will best fit your needs.

If you qualify and you're interested in learning more, please contact us. Please include your organization name, address and phone number.

We respectfully ask that all organizations use this program for internal fundraising use only and not extend it to co-workers, friends, and families for personal use.